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enjoy your Roxi
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Roxi gives you more time.
Talk to your friends.

Be the entertainer.

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Have a Roxi, have some fun!
Be in the moment, enjoy your Roxi.

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How Roxi Works

You want to have a Roxi...

and realize it's a lot of work...

so you get Roxi to help.

We provide Talent and advice.

You enjoy your guests.

Use as a Host

Use as a Host

We know it's hard to enjoy yourself while hosting parties and events. Prepping, serving and cleaning is hard work.

Get Roxi to do the hard work. Free up your time. Enjoy your guests. Be in the moment.

Get in the moment!

Use as Talent

Take control!

If you're in the restaurant, catering or hospitality industry... Roxi Talent is perfect for you.

Roxi Talent will let you freelance when you want, earn competitive rates, and build your professional and personal brand.

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