Meet Roxi: Every host’s secret weapon. 

The problem with parties.

If you're reading this, you probably like throwing parties and events... I do too. Entertaining and accommodating guests excites me and fulfills a part of my social needs.  When I think of throwing parties or events, I focus on food, drinks, music and atmosphere. It's important to get that part right, and to make sure my guests have a great time.

About four years ago, I was throwing a relatively large party and realized I was spending all of my time working the party, preparing food, making drinks and cleaning up. It dawned on me that I was not enjoying myself as much as my guests. A few months later, it happened again. As I was standing in my kitchen preparing a drink for someone, I fantasized about what it would be like to have someone make drinks, do some serving, and clean up for my guests and me. I would be able to socialize and enjoy myself much more. What a great idea!

Improving the party experience.

The idea of calling a restaurant or catering company to help with my party needs seemed "old fashioned" and too hard to do. There was too much friction in that approach, and honestly, it felt inefficient and inconvenient.  

On-demand services have been popping up in almost every facet of our lives, in areas ranging from car services to snow plowing to dog walking. A platform for finding event and party staff seems to make sense. This is where Roxi comes in.

Roxi is a completely mobile platform connecting hosts like us, with nearby skilled workers that can do everything from cocktail bartending to checking coats. Roxi isn't just a staffing platform, it is an experience.

When using Roxi to setup your next party or event ("Roxi") you're immediately struck by the personal feeling the experience gives you. Roxi doesn't just ask you what staff you need for your party, we show you real people who have those skills ("Talents"). You hand pick each person after looking at their profiles which include pictures, videos, work histories, bios and Roxi ratings.

We believe that people working your Roxi are just as much a part of the vibe and atmosphere as the music you play.  Roxi lets you know who is working your party before you ever meet them. In many ways, Roxi is a matchmaker... you can request people to work your Roxi, or workers can send you a request; either way, both the host and the worker agree to work together.

It's time to enjoy yourself.

Not only am I a co-founder of Roxi, I am a customer too. The first time Roxi went live, I hosted the first Roxi on New Year's Eve. There were about 40 people in my home, and I was nervous.

We used Roxi to get two people, a bartender and someone to do serving/clean-up. They arrived about 30 minutes before my party started and basically took over everything I was doing. Anything that needed attention, i.e. mixing drinks, serving food, cleaning counters, taking out garbage, and just generally being helpful to my guests. It was all in their hands now.

So what did I do with my extra time?
1.) I actually spoke to everyone.
2.) I orchestrated a fun mixer-style game, so all of my guests could introduce themselves to each other throughout the night.
3.) I enjoyed the midnight NYE toast and didn't worry about pouring champagne.
4.) I didn't have to clean up or waste time on things that took me away from my guests.
5.) Lastly, I laughed, danced and possibly had one too many cocktails.

The final pitch to you 🙂

Download Roxi and simply try it out. You can browse profiles right away and see who's available in your area. If you're feeling really daring, set up a Roxi and request some people to work.

Pricing is totally transparent in Roxi. You'll see what each role costs per hour. Negotiating between you and workers is not needed. Everyone in a selected role is paid the same flat rate. Hosts select people for roles based on a worker's profile. Roxi is a cashless experience, payment and tipping is handled through the app.

If you have any questions, just reach out to us.

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